The Simadan tunes resonate so deeply it takes us back to our roots, our culture, our heritage and back to Rincon!

The oldest in continual existence village in the Caribbean! Where we come together once a year for 'Dia di Rincon' to celebrate our culture.

This silk scarf has been designed with everything 'Dia di Rincon X Simadan' in mind. Because there is no 'Dia di Rincon' without Simadan, and no Simadan without reminiscence to 'Dia di Rincon'.

The scarf is bordered with the 3 main Simadan songs; 'Belua', 'Dan Simadan' and 'Remailo'. The heart of the scarf contains all the musical instruments used to create our dushi Simadan as well as the maishi (sorghum) which is the root of Simadan (as Simadan is the harvest feast).

The alpargata (traditional shoes), sombre (hat) and our cultural outfit is also designed on the scarf. And most importantly..the Rincon symbol.

This delicate 100% silk scarf is a keepsake of our dushi Simadan.


- Kuarta
- Barí
- Wiri
- Karko
- Triangel