This years Dia di Rincon scarf is all about 'KOS DUSHI'!

The scarf, the colors, the vibe, the kos nan dushi mes, the models, Dia di Rincon mes tambe... just everything!

Creams, purples, pinks with a twist of deep dark sugary brown will be dominating this years scarf inspired by Pànsèiku and Kokada Pretu.

Light creams as mushy as the Tentalaria, subtle yet sweet touches of pinks & purples resembling the Ko'i Lechi's & the Kokada's.

100% silk satin, double sided, 16mm, limited pieces!


Kos Dushi's illustrated on the scarf from the center out:
- Ko'i Lechi (Milky treat)
- Kokada Pretu (Coconut sweet)
- Tentalaria (Cashew candy)
- Kokada (Coconut candy)